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Ascots & Chapels Autumn Winter 2020 Collection: Heritage Redefined.

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Article published in leading lifestyle magazines like Signe, etc.

Wearing a three piece suit is a classic style that never goes out of trend ever, projecting classic refinement and sophisticated panache. However there is a paradigm shift in the way gentlemen are dressing up in today’s times. Comfort takes precedence over flair while a bit of unconventional composition in the wardrobe is making the modern man creative and progressive.


Ascots and Chapels, the British luxury tailoring house that specializes in creating fine, personalized and bespoke garments for discerning gentlemen; has always been at the forefront of shaping trends ever since they opened business in 1871. Poised to transform the wardrobe into an artistic suite, they have infused traditional tailoring techniques with modern design principles in their Autumn Winter 2020 Collection, which they proudly call Heritage Redefined.


While the ties are tightly spun in their boxes and the waistcoats hung in solitary confinement, Casual Separates and Smart Tailored Separates are the new normal as men want to look dapper and sharp without compromising on comfort. The mix & match ideology brings versatility to the clothing pieces, also adding personality traits of the person wearing them - whether they are suave, artistic, professional or charming. It's the ability to express self in varied hues, fabrics and styles that drove the thought process behind the Autumn Winter 2020 Collection. 


The Brand Director of Ascots and Chapels, Mr. Gary Sweeney was quoted as saying, “We have paid homage to our quintessentially British roots, with a contemporary twist, in what could be seen as a gentle rebellion, for the gentleman who is opting for smart-casual tailoring”.


The Smart Tailored Separates may be about mixing together different trousers & blazers and colors, yet they need some basic fundamentals in place to have the person appear well put-together. The skilled team of master craftsmen at Ascots and Chapels detail out a few considerations like which colors, fits, fabrics and accessories to match, depending on the occasion to wear, for each of their clients as part of their fashion advisory services. Because the pursuit of looking dapper is given supreme importance at Ascots and Chapels.


It’s not just the advisory role of the craftsmen that allure their finest clients to visit the store. The appointment-only store experience at Ascots and Chapels is an archetypal showcase of their exemplary British hospitality. An expression of old-world charm where a butler opens the door, extending a cold towel and cleaning their glasses, while English tea and confectionery is served as the clients plunge into a vintage leather couch. They also have an extended home service for providing utmost convenience to their finest clients. A hallmark of luxury and warmth, this kind of personalized service can never be found across any other tailoring house in town.


A client at Ascots and Chapels is not just a distinguished client, he is also part of their Gentlemen’s Society, a coveted inner circle that sends out exclusive fabric launches and private events regularly.


Ascots and Chapels has redefined benchmarks in the creation of hand-crafted bespoke clothing for men, and is present in 4 locations in leading malls across Dubai, Abu Dhabi and London.


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