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The Custom Shop New York:
Give a new lease of style to your wardrobe.

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Obsessing over new clothes we handpick from our favorite stores is a totally acceptable form of euphoria. We try them out with different clothing combinations, styles and accessories to wear them as much as we can until we run out of ideas. Sometimes even the clothes start withering away, fading into the oblivion and slipping away from wardrobe’s pecking order. But there is hope. Reignited by The Custom Shop New York, the contemporary custom-made suit couturier revolutionizing bespoke fashion.


Nothing less than miraculous, your clothes can be given a new lease of style by the bespoke stylists at The Custom Shop New York. Take your used but beloved garments to them and they will make small but significant changes. Custom suggestions like lining changes, change of buttons, change of collars and cuffs, buttons, minor adjustments in length and structure can literally change the face of your garment. This is much more real and feasible than the money saving hacks that have littered the social media pages.


With its legacy dating back to 1937, it is commendable how The Custom Shop New York has always been elbowing its way into the future, innovating its offerings and unveiling unique services. The region’s first contemporary bricks-&-clicks tailor, they have spinning a modern take on heritage tailoring.


Whether it’s the senior leaders or ambitious executives making their way into the corporate world, looking the part is as important today as it has always been. The Custom Shop brand is synonymous with people who love fashion and want to translate it into their daily clothing through customization. It helps them to bring out their personality in their own way, whether it is through the color of inner linings they pick, the button thread they choose, the thread of the button-holes on the shirt or suit jacket, monogramming, or the width of the jacket lapel which flatters their body type. The Custom Shop New York has set the standard in attainable men’s custom made-to-measure clothing, with a rich variety of Italian and English fabrics.


Taking it a notch higher from customization, The Custom Shop New York offers personalization with a 3D Body Scan Technology, the region’s first such service. The 3D body scan technology accurately analyzes body shape to identify the perfect fit for suit measurement. Almost doubly accurate than manual measurements, it cuts down the need for multiple appointments and fittings.


Visiting The Custom Shop New York is an indulgent store experience with invitation only personal styling service by fashionably trained bespoke stylists. The Custom Shop originated in New York and has a retail presence of 7 stores in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in prime retail malls catering to men and women that need bespoke clothing, design consultation and alteration services.


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